Virtual prototyping in product design

Prototypes give life to any design and provide a wealth of information in terms of user interaction at various levels. They allow the developer to test the viability and usability of the tool before starting the actual production process. They also help the engineers to discover improvements and unexpected innovations that can enhance the capacities of the project.

Pre-designed elements that allow you to create an initial view of your product

A virtual prototype is obtained at the moment in which a digital design is created with the assistance of specialized tools. Depending on the scope of the software employed for this task, it will possible to make simulations, calculations, animations and instant modification of shapes and dimensions.

For such reasons, virtual prototyping in product design is a fundamental step since it allows you to debug the model before starting the development process. With the assistance of specialized software you can always adjust the quality of the outcome or modify specific properties of the material. In this way, the obtainment of a valid representation will be guaranteed.

Creating the prototype for your project

The most common process for virtual prototyping in product design includes the following stages:
The design team conceptualizes the main idea by sketching different views of the intended product or taking as a reference a real model. Then this information is collected or scanned and introduced into the design software.
Scanned sketches will be used as a template to extract an initial model of the product. Then, the team will have the chance to create multiple versions of the design based on this initial representation.
When the team has selected the most adequate version, it is important to make the necessary corrections and adjustments. This process will give place to a more accurate representation of the final product.
Once the final design has been tested and approved, the team can proceed to the physical implementation of the result.

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